What are menstrual and menopausal policies?

So what exactly are menstrual and menopausal policies? Period policies, menstrual leave policies, menopause leave, period equality… There are lots of different ways this is talked about, but they are basically guidelines for workplaces on how to accommodate people who are going through menstruation, menopause and health conditions associated with it. People often think of it as only about paid leave from work, but it can be so much more. If you want to learn more about menstruation leave, click here.

The policies can include things like:

  • Providing free sanitary products to all employees
  • Making sure there are accessible, proper toilet facilities
  • Use of darker fabrics for upholstered furniture and permission for darker fabrics in uniforms
  • A form of temperature control to help those experiencing hot flashes, including proper ventilation
  • Use of more breathable fabrics in uniforms
  • Improved training on symptoms of menstruation and menopause for line managers and supervisors
  • Access to flexible working arrangements when needed
  • Paid leave days

Check out the Resources section for more information about what menstrual and menopause policies can include, a flyer for your workplace, a policy template, and for some handy tips as well.

A woman smiling next to the stop the stigma logo. Represents what are menstrual and menopause policies.

People who have periods and/ or are going through menopause make up more than half of the population. Yet workplaces are not always set up to deal with the reality of what they go through, and it’s not often something that is openly talked about either!
But with some reasonable adjustments, all employees will be able to do their work to the best of their ability. With the #StopTheStigma campaign, we hope to get everyone talking as well and remove the taboo that continues to surround periods and menopause.


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