Retired Members Group


Latest: 21st March 2023

The Fórsa Retired Members Group held its first in-person Annual General Meeting on September 19th, 2022 at Nerney’s Court.

It was great to see so many members back together.

The meeting was opened by outgoing chairperson, Brian Burke, followed by his address where he informed the meeting of his decision to step down.

Elections were held and the following people were voted in for 2022/2023 on the Executive Committee.

Chairperson: Martin Bridgman

Vice Chairperson: John Martin

Treasurer: Gerry Foley

Secretary: Helen Lundy

On taking the chair, Martin Bridgeman thanked Brian Burke on behalf of the meeting and commented on his years of commitment and hard work on behalf of retired members, and wished him well. He also expressed his thanks, on behalf of the committee and AGM, to Mary Keating, outgoing secretary to the group for her many years of help and support.

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Membership of the Retired Members Group is open to retired members of Fórsa.

Pay And Pensions

The primary focus of the Retired Members Group is the pension rate and retired members’ conditions, and since the reduction in pay, seeking the full restoration of the pension itself. This is covered by this circular.

The circular provides comprehensive details of the pension restoration process. It allows individual individual pensioners check their pension restoration entitlements and provides contact details for queries.

This is an issue that Fórsa has been working on within the Alliance of Retired Public Servants and will continue to do so. Further details on the Alliance can be found here.

It’s over 11 years since some retired members have had an increase in their pension. The Retired Members Group, working with the Alliance of Public Servants, has made significant progress in restoring public servants pensions but more needs to be done. However, approximately 20% of pensioners still await full restoration with no end date in sight. It is also a fact that some pensioners haven’t received an increase in over 10 years. In the case of CE supervisors, their pension rights have not been granted, despite the Labour Court’s recommendation in 2008.

Pre and post-2013 pensions

Members retiring after February 2013 had their pensions based on the reduced pay rates and the Retired Members Group will continue to work to have this matter addressed.

Membership Matters

It is a fact that many Fórsa retired members have not sought membership as retired members. Most branches have worked to encourage members to maintain their union membership (or to re-join) following retirement. The Retired Members Group will continue to pursue this issue and seek to have membership continue on retirement on what is called an ‘opt-out’ basis in future. This, we hope, will increase membership numbers and our bargaining position within the union.

The maximum annual subscription is €96, depending on pension value, and the potential financial and discount benefits alone make membership an attractive option.

Membership Communications

While email is prevalent among recent retirees it may not be appropriate for some members who perhaps may not have access to email and so will be an ongoing issue for discussion by the Retired Members Group. Members are encouraged to make contact via their branch or here with suggestions.

Discussions are also under way about publishing items of interest in the Fórsa magazine.

Membership Benefits

There is now a comprehensive range of financial and discount benefits available to retired members. These benefits include cheaper house, car and health insurance and a range of retail discounts, savings and cash back. More details are available here.

Download a retired members brochure and application form here.

Pensions In The Future

The Government has recently published a discussion paper on the future of all workers’ pensions – A Roadmap for Pensions Reform 2018-2023. The paper is available here.

It outlines a possible way forward for future pensioners, both public and private, for the 21st century. It should resonate with all trade union members especially those considering their post-retirement welfare.

Pensioner Negotiation Rights

It is a fact that, since the enactment of the 1990 Industrial Relations Act, retired members do not have formal negotiation rights. The Retired Members Group hold the view that this is unacceptable and are actively engaged with ICTU and the Alliance of Retired Public Servants on this issue.

Retired Civil And Public Servants Association (RCPSA)

The Retired Civil and public Servants Association was founded in 1945. Membership is open to all retired Civil Servants and Public Servants from An Post, Eircom, Aviation Authority and Coillte. This includes widowed persons in receipt of a pension. It is intended to have discussions between Fórsa / Retired Members Group and the RCPSA on matters of common concern.

Download a retired members brochure and application form here.