Mission Statement

Fórsa’s objectives are set out in the union’s rule book. They are:

  • To protect and promote the interests of Fórsa members
  • To protect, maintain and improve Fórsa members’ remuneration and conditions of employment
  • To regulate the relations between Fórsa members, and between them and their employers
  • To provide and maintain services for the benefit of Fórsa members
  • To promote education and training for Fórsa members
  • To promote and safeguard the interests of Fórsa members by cooperating, affiliating, or federating with other representative bodies of workers
  • To promote excellence and effectiveness throughout the public sector, including in co-operation with other organisations
  • To promote justice, equity and equality in the workplace and in society, including in cooperation with other organisations.


Advocating for workers across the economy

Fórsa’s ability to work towards these objectives comes from the collective strength of union membership. The union is, therefore, an active participant in the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and its campaigns for workers’ and citizens’ rights across the economy and society.


A fairer, more equal society

As well as campaigning on workplace issues and employment rights, Fórsa’s is an advocate for quality public services, and a fairer and more egalitarian society. To this end the union develops and participates in many campaigns in cooperation with other unions and civil society groups.


A fairer and more equal world

Fórsa works for workers’ rights, quality public services, human rights and equality across Europe and the globe. To this end, the union is a member of, and participates in campaigns coordinated by, international union federations like Public Services International, the European Federation of Public Service Unions, UNI Global Union, and the International Transport Federation.

Fórsa’s Developing World Fund, which comprises 3% of all membership subscriptions, funds a range of solidarity projects in the developing world.