Resources for your workplace!

Here are some periods and menopause workplace resources, so you and your employer can create policies and put in place supports!

  • Download a free menstrual and menopausal policy template here for your organisation.
  • Print and circulate this downloadable flyer to help spread awareness. You could leave it in the work kitchen or canteen, or bring it to your manager directly.
  • See below for some tips on talking to your employer, or getting your Fórsa workplace representative to do it for you

If you are a member of Fórsa, your workplace representative or your local branch can talk to your employer for you. You can join Fórsa in just 3 minutes, click on this link to make the best decision of your working life today ! You can also save thousands of euros by joining, with benefits like free GPs, insurance schemes, and 9 months free salary protection.

A woman smiling at the camera, representing periods and menopause workplace resources

If you’re not in a trade union, you can still ask your manager yourself!

Here are some tips on speaking to employers, using our periods and menopause workplace resources:

  • Ask for a meeting about the policies, and send them the flyer and the template beforehand so they have some information to begin with
  • Show them the Fórsa survey results to explain why it’s so important
  • Let them know that with some reasonable adjustments, people will be less likely to need to use sick leave, will be more productive, and will know their workplace is an inclusive one that values their employee
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