Resources to get others to vote!

Let’s get out the vote for the public Sector Pay Agreement!

In the next section, you’ll find short, simple messages about the public sector pay deal to use when talking to or messaging with colleagues. The bullet points are all downloadable resources to help our members to easily bring the conversation into their workplaces.

There are also meetings being held so you can get more information face to face or online.

Short, simple messages to use when talking to or messaging colleagues

What is the ballot about?

1: The Pay Agreement: More pay sooner, and higher increases for lower paid workers.
The proposed pay increases are 9.25% over 2.5 years, with a further 1% of payroll cost under a local bargaining clause. Unions went into negotiations knowing our members needed support to deal with the cost-of-living crisis now, so we pushed hard for more pay sooner. The result is 4.25% due this year.

Lower paid workers feel the impact of the cost-of-living crisis more. This deal combines percentage increases and flat rate payments. This means workers will get whatever is worth more to them, with lower paid workers seeing an increase of up to 17%.

2: Local bargaining clause: what it is, and why it’s a game changer.
The local bargaining clause means we can do more on the issues you care about: in your jobs, workplaces, and grades. Before this new clause, all cost increasing claims were blocked.

Now we can use 3% of cost (1% in the lifetime of this agreement, plus a further 2%) to address issues for groups like HSE Admin grades, or Revenue employees, or SNAs in schools. There are huge opportunities to use this to make your work better, and the changes that are made can be real, sustained, and worked out as needed.

3: FEMPI: Emergency legislation is on the way out.
The move towards repealing FEMPI means we can get more done – good for employees, and for public services.

FEMPI is emergency legislation brought in during the financial crash. We are well past that time. It gives excessive control to the Department of Public Expenditure which gets in the way of unions progressing issues impacting their members, even when their own employer agrees.

4: Why should you join Fórsa now? If you want the pay deal to happen, you need to join.
It’s now up to you – vote yes if you want the proposed pay increases, or vote no if you believe we should go back to the drawing board and potential industrial action. But you don’t have a say if you’re not with Fórsa.

This was a tough negotiation, and unions have taken it as far as they can go. We believe this is the best possible deal. So, it’s time to join the union. Don’t let others decide for you.

Why you need to vote!

It is extremely simple to vote, so why not do it? Take the 20 seconds to have your voice heard. You have so much to gain from it, and a lot to lose if you don’t.

The more people vote, the more powerful you all are. Some people think that maybe one vote doesn’t matter. But actually, if not enough people don’t come out and vote, then this deal might not pass and it’s back to the drawing board.

It’s not fair to leave it all up to your colleagues. Trade unions are built on the principle of solidarity. When you cast your vote, you’re not only speaking for yourself but also for your colleagues who face similar challenges.

Why non-trade union members need to join Fórsa now!

Joining now means you can vote in the ballot, so you can decide what’s right for you, not others deciding on your behalf.

It comes down to some basic facts – the more of us in the union, the more likely we are to win. Trade union membership is by the far the most effective way to make change happen in workplaces.

There are also a huge amount of savings available for trade union members, from salary protection and insurance schemes, to financial supports when illness strikes. You can find out more about the benefits of joining Fórsa here.

You also get access to legal advice, support during disputes, and a variety of resources to help navigate your career. But we can’t support you with issues from before you join. So don’t wait until it’s too late!

If you have a question about the proposed agreement, please contact your Division’s ballot helpdesk below.

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Don’t leave others speak for you… Join Fórsa so you can vote on your job, your career, your rights