IALPA recommends acceptance of Labour Court recommendation

IALPA, the professional body for Irish airline pilots, and a branch of Fórsa trade union, has voted to recommend acceptance of the Labour Court Recommendation 23007, concerning the current dispute between IALPA and Aer Lingus.

The pilot body will move immediately to suspend ongoing work-to-rule action, in place since 26th June, pending the outcome of a ballot.

Following the communication from the Labour Court today (Wednesday) and further clarification from Aer Lingus, IALPA has met and passed a motion to recommend acceptance of the Labour Court’s recommendation.

The union will hold a series of engagements with members before a ballot on the terms of the Labour Court recommendation in the coming week.

IALPA president Mark Tighe described the pay increase provided for in the recommendation as a significant win for pilots.

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