Third level reassignments to proceed

Temporary reassignments of higher education and ETB (education and training board) staff is to get underway from today (1st April). The education department has asked employers in the sector to identify workers who can be reassigned to critical work areas on a temporary basis.

In a circular published today, the department asks employers to identify staff who are carrying out work that’s not essential at this time, so that they can be released for critical duties elsewhere.

If your employer confirms you are available for temporary reassignment (not on sick leave or self-isolating), you will receive a questionnaire from the Public Appointments Service (PAS). This will ask for your personal details, work experience, skills, and preferred work location.

The PAS will match staff to the roles where help is needed. The PAS isn’t able to facilitate volunteers for specific roles at this stage, but this may be reviewed in future.

Any reassignment would be for 12-weeks, during which you would be under the line management of your temporary employer.

However, measures already in place guarantee that if you are reassigned you will continue to be employed – and paid by – your existing employer. And you will return to your existing employer and role once the temporary transfer is over.

The process, which covers all grades in the education sector, will start this week.

Staff who are on sick leave, or are self-isolating on medical advice, will not be reassigned. Those with childcare and other caring commitments can be asked to work at home.

The reassignments are part of a public service-wide mobilisation to meet the challenges posed by the coronavirus. All Government departments and agencies have been instructed to identify staff who can be reassigned, on a temporary basis, to areas of greatest need during the crisis.

If you have questions not covered in the document you can contact the union HERE.