Fórsa’s concern at the recent events in RTÉ

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The Fórsa National Executive meeting in Dublin today (28th June) expressed deep concern at the recent events in RTÉ and fully endorsed the call by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions on the board and senior management of the public service broadcaster to make the restoration of public trust a key priority.

Kevin Callinan, Fórsa General Secretary and President of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, said this could only be achieved through a full explanation by management which clarifies completely who was responsible.

“Public service broadcasting is vital to the functioning of a healthy democracy and the current crisis threatens to undermine trust and confidence in the organisation and puts at risk the reputation of the many staff who have had no involvement with this debacle and remain committed to the highest standards of public service,” said Mr. Callinan.

Fórsa supports the RTÉ Trade Union Group and shares the frustration of RTÉ workers who took pay cuts in the recent past to secure the future of the organisation while some in senior management were sanctioning side deals negotiated with an external third party.

We welcome the review announced by Minister Catherine Martin into the culture within RTÉ, but urge that it be fully transparent and provide for the interests of RTÉ workers to be represented by their trade unions.

Any review of the culture within the organisation must deal with issues raised by the TUG group and affiliated unions, including employment practices, so-called fee based ‘star contracts’ and the use of third-party agents.

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