Resources to get others to vote!

Let’s get out the vote!

Below you’ll also find some short, simple messages you can use in conversations or messages with your colleagues, on why they should vote and why they need to join Fórsa.

These are for anyone who wants to talk to their colleagues about the ballots but aren’t sure where to start.

You might find it useful to download and/ or print off the FAQs to bring with you, in case any questions come up.

You can download the FAQs on the Career Pathway Dispute here, and the Protect Clerical Jobs and Stop Outsourcing Dispute here.

There are also meetings being held so you can get more information face to face or online.

What are the ballots about?

The Career Pathway Dispute boils down to whether or not your career is going to be able to progress in the way you deserve. There was meant to be a Career Pathway Review process for thousands of people five years ago but there has been very little progress in implementing it. Despite the HSE commitments, less then 200 people have had a positive outcome from the process.

Fórsa also want to see the Staff to Senior Process open for all staff grades working in the HSE. And they want meaningful discussions on clinical specialisms, advanced practise and management roles so that everyone has an opportunity to progress in their clinical role.

The Protect Clerical Jobs and Stop Outsourcing Dispute boils down to the fact that the HSE has increasingly being relying on Agency Staff rather than investing in the staff that are already there, or promoting people to vacant roles.

The other main issue is that an incredible amount of money has been spent on private consultants. Up to 180 million in 2022. Yet now when they want to address budget issues, they want clerical administration and management grades to bear an unfair amount of the burden with a recruitment pause.

Why should they vote?

Icon of a voting box in green outline

It is extremely simple to vote, so why not do it? Take the 20 seconds to have your voice heard. You have so much to gain from it, and a lot to lose if you don’t. You should have an email about it already, explaining how to vote and more information about it.

The more people vote, the more powerful you all are. Some people think that maybe one vote doesn’t matter. But actually, if not enough people don’t come out and vote, then your employer might think these issues don’t matter to the workforce. We know that’s not true, so don’t give them any chance to pretend it is!

Every vote isn’t just a tick the box exercise. It’s the most direct way for you to decide your rights, work conditions, and your future. Remember, the changes that come from these decisions directly impact your everyday work life. You deserve to have a say about what happens to you.

It’s not fair to leave it all up to your colleagues. Trade unions are built on the principle of solidarity. When you cast your vote, you’re not only speaking for yourself but also for your colleagues who face similar challenges.

Why non-trade union members need to join Fórsa now!
  • Joining now means you can vote in the ballot, so you can decide what’s right for you, not others deciding on your behalf.
  • It comes down to some basic facts – the more of us in the union, the more likely we are to win. Trade union membership is by the far the most effective way to make change happen in workplaces.
  • There are also a huge amount of savings available for trade union members, from salary protection and insurance schemes, to financial supports when illness strikes. You can find out more about the benefits of joining Fórsa here.
  • You also get access to legal advice, support during disputes, and a variety of resources to help navigate your career. But we can’t support you with issues from before you join. So don’t wait until it’s too late!

If you have more questions, then reach out to your Fórsa workplace representative or your local branch. You an also email the ballot  helpdesk at

Don’t leave others speak for you… Join Fórsa so you can vote on your job, your career, your rights