Reported NPHET consideration of mandatory Covid vaccinations for healthcare staff

Fórsa has learned, via media reports, of NPHET’s consideration of mandatory vaccination of healthcare staff.

No proposals for a mandatory system of vaccination has been proposed to Fórsa, nor has any such arrangement been discussed with HSE management or the Department of Health.

Fórsa has, since vaccines became available almost a year ago, actively encouraged its members to get vaccinated against Covid-19, and to avail of other protective measures such as the ‘flu vaccine, in order to maximise the protection of healthcare staff – and service users – throughout the winter months, and to limit the spread of the virus. Fórsa continues to communicate this message to its members.

The vaccination rate among healthcare workers, and the wider population, is very high.

There is, understandably, a renewed caution about the latest Covid variant following developments in recent days. Fórsa will continue to liaise with the HSE and the Department of Health to discuss response measures. The union awaits the outcome of further deliberations, and will make no further comment at this time.