Public Sector Pay Ballot- how to vote

Public Sector Pay Agreement 2024 – 2026: How to Vote in the Ballot 

All paid-up Fórsa members working in the civil and public service, and non-commercial state agencies, are eligible and entitled to vote on the proposed deal.

If you receive an email containing your Unique Voter Code (UVC) and a link to this voting page, we believe you are entitled to vote in one of these ballots.

The virtual ballot will open the week of 19 February 2024. It will close on 15 March at 12:00 noon.

Please read the FAQ.

If you have any questions, please email the helpdesk for your division:

Civil Service
Service and Enterprises
Health and Welfare
Local Government & Local Services/ Municipal

Steps to vote 

Members who we believe are eligible to vote will receive an email containing their unique voter code.

Unlocking your ballot paper, and casting your vote:

1. Have a look in your email inbox for an email from your  That email should contain your unique voter code (UVC).

2. Access our dedicated webpage

3. Once you access the webpage you will see instructions on how to vote and information about the deal. You should read the instructions carefully as you can only vote once, and you cannot change your vote later.

4. After you have read the instructions, you should enter your Unique Voter Code into the box towards the bottom of the screen. You can type your UVC into the box, taking care to use the correct characters, or you can simply copy the code from this email and paste it into the box on screen.

5. Once your UVC is in the box, you should click the button to “Continue”. You will be taken to your ballot paper where you can submit your vote.

6. On your ballot paper you should select the box that corresponds with how you wish to vote. If you want to receive an email that confirms your vote has been submitted, you should enter your email address in the “Email receipt” box at the bottom of the page. You won’t receive your receipt immediately, but it will normally be received within two working days.

Once you’ve selected your vote and entered your email address (if required), you should click the green button, “Next step” which will be visible towards the bottom of the screen.

7. You will be taken to a summary page that sets out how you have elected to vote. If you have chosen to receive an email receipt, you should see your email address in the box on-screen. Once you have reviewed your selections and you’re ready to cast your vote, you should click the button that reads: “Cast My Vote Now”.

If you’ve not received your UVC, but you’re a Fórsa member and believe you’re entitled to vote, please email your division’s helpdesk (see the top of this page) with details of who you are and where you work and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Please make sure we have your updated your contact details. Please update them through this link or email your divisional helpdesk (see the top of this page) with your employer, personal email, and contact number.

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