#PayUpSisters: Health staff protest for fair redundancies

Healthcare workers are being denied fair redundancies at three care facilities run by the Sisters of Charity in Dublin.

The staff – who were let go after a “sudden” liquidation – have repeatedly requested a meeting with the Sisters of Charity, but have been repeatedly denied a meeting or commitment to fair redundancy.

A Labour Court decision last month ordered the HSE and Sisters of Charity to come to a fair conclusion, but no action has yet been taken.

Staff from the facilities are protesting today at the St. Mary’s and Caritas centres on the Merrion Road, Dublin.

The workers are being represented by the INMO, SIPTU and Fórsa.

Fórsa official Seán McElhinney said:

“The staff have worked throughout the pandemic and have lost out on overtime and holiday pay, in addition to being denied fair redundancy terms.

“The continuing protest efforts by Fórsa and other unions reflects our explicit expectation that the recommendation of the Labour Court, for a fair conclusion for these workers, will be fully realised.”

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