Major report due on post-pandemic economy

Fórsa will launch a major report on ‘The Irish State Post-Pandemic’ at 11.00am this Thursday (24th February), and members are able to follow the event via a live-stream. Finance spokespeople from all parties represented in Dáil Éireann have been invited to the launch of the paper, which had been produced by TASC, Ireland’s think tank for action on social change.

It’s an analysis of the political and economic space for enhancing the role of a visionary State focused on improving public services and addressing Ireland’s societal needs through social mobility, the reduction of inequality, and the deep integration of climate action into economic development.

The report examines the political and economic constraints to expanding the Irish state and uses case studies to explore public policy can fulfil human and social needs. It makes recommendations about how the state can address challenges in care, renewable energy and higher education.

Fórsa general secretary and Kevin Callinan and TASC director Dr Shana Cohen will introduce the report.

The union says that the Covid experience demonstrated what can be achieved when the state mobilises financial, organisational and human resources for the common good, when people work together collectively, and when citizens have equal and easy access to essential goods and services.

‘The Irish State Post-Pandemic’ forms part of its campaign to embed these principles into our economic, social and business models in order to build a more secure, more equal, and more united country as we exit the pandemic.