Health service admin and support staff lauded

The chair of Fórsa’s 30,000-strong Health and Welfare Division today (Wednesday) praised the contribution of health service managers, administrators, IT and support staff during the Covid crisis and the recent cyber-attack on the HSE. Speaking at the union’s biennial Health & Welfare Divisional Conference, Don Gibney said the pandemic had brought out the best in our society.

“By and large, we have come together as citizens and communities, supporting each other as we worked through the most challenging of times. Nowhere more so than in the health service which, after decades of criticism – some fair, but much of it not-so-fair – has proved its mettle, and won the respect and support of our communities.

“In a few short months, the HSE went from near-zero to hero in terms of public esteem, appreciation and confidence. That’s down to the efforts of workers in every grade, role and occupation – a fact that’s been publicly recognised by Paul Reid and others at the top of the health service.

“Everyone applauds the magnificent contribution of our nurses, doctors, ambulance staff, residential care staff, and health and social care professionals. These workers depend on the support and contribution of clerical and admin workers, managers, IT staff, and the whole range of professional, logistical and technical grades throughout the health service. It’s only right and fair that their contribution is recognised too.

“The events of the past fortnight have underlined the reality that the whole system depends on this support. The despicable cyber-attack on our health service has graphically demonstrated that a modern health service simply can’t function without IT, payroll, medical records, and the whole range of support services. I take my hat off to these unseen heroes of health, who have worked to find ways around this crippling fire-storm, and to do the very best for patients and communities,” he said.


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