Fórsa consults department on SNA training programme

Fórsa has begun consultation with the Department of Education and Skills (DES) on the content of a new national training programme for SNAs.

The consultation process follows the Government’s decision to develop a new Schools Inclusion Model. As part of this model, for the first time, the DES is developing a national training programme for SNAs.

A one-year pilot of the new ‘School Inclusion Model’ scheme, commenced in September, with 75 schools in Dublin and surrounding counties taking part.

Fórsa’s head of Education Andy Pike explained: “The information provided to Fórsa indicates that the training would be offered firstly to some 500 SNAs within the pilot schools on a voluntary basis before being rolled out nationally.”

This story was first published on Thursday 5th December 2019 in the Fórsa Education news bulletin. You can read the full story HERE, and the education bulletin is available HERE.