Fight goes on for Community Employment supervisors

“It is outrageous that after a lifetime of service in our communities we deserve a secure retirement. We effectively work for the State. A pension scheme is one of the things that marks out decent employers from those who wish to exploit workers. The fact that community workers in these state sponsored schemes are denied this basic entitlement is not acceptable and the politicians know this. The majority of them said so before the election in February.”

An excerpt from our latest blog post by CE supervisors Michele Rohan and Ian Thomas.

In 2008, the Labour Court recommended access to a pension scheme for these vital community workers. In 2020, this recommendation has still to be implemented. Political administrations have come and gone since 2008, some leaving promises to implement this recommendation broken, while others have ignored or defied the recommendation of the Court.

Read the full blog: Opinion: Community workers have unfinished business.

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