Women more likely to prefer workplace base

The Covid-19 crisis has had a worse effect on women’s lives than men’s, according to data published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) last week.

Its survey found that over 36% of female respondents rated their overall life satisfaction as ‘low,’ compared to just 22% of men.

Almost half the women surveyed said they wanted to return to the workplace after coronavirus restrictions are lifted. This compares with less than a third of male respondents.

In 2018, the numbers of men and women reporting low satisfaction scores were similar. But the figures have tipped to reveal an increasing dissatisfaction for women during the crisis.

Women also reported higher compliance with official Covid-19 advice, with almost 90% reporting high compliance, compared to just over 70% of men.

Among those with children and working from home, women were more likely to experience childcare-related issues. Additional responsibilities such as caring for a dependant family member also makes it harder for them to work remotely.

Maintaining social ties was also an extremely important differentiating factor in the desire to return to work, with women twice as likely than men to be concerned about keeping up social ties.

Read the survey results HERE.

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