Wellness Wednesday: Money in uncertain times

Financial guru Trevor Gardiner will talk about managing money in the final instalment of Fórsa’s live wellness webinar series at 10am next Wednesday (22nd July). You can register here.

Trevor will outline simple ways to save money and plan for the future in this uncertain era. Free support services will also be offered to Fórsa members in financial difficulty.

The series is brought to you in association with Cornmarket, which administers two of the union’s salary protection schemes. The series features experts on a range of topics from managing anxiety to motivation at work and home.

Trevor is Cornmarket’s dedicated financial services manager, who works exclusively with Fórsa members. With over 15 years’ experience in the financial industry he has helped hundreds plan for a more secure financial future.

The series was informed by recent survey which found that 80% of Fórsa members experienced anxiety during the Covid-19 crisis. A quarter of the respondents placed money concerns at the top of their list of worries.

Register for ‘money in uncertain times’ (10am, Wednesday 22nd July) HERE.

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