Have we got your number?

icons to represent the call for health & welfare to update your details

It is vital to every member of Fórsa, and to the union, that we have accurate and up-to-date contact details for everyone. If you’re a Fórsa member who has recently changed job, or if your postal or email address has recently changed, you can update your details on a new dedicated web page on this website

Fórsa recently launched its new membership database system (Solas) which is designed to improve the union’s communication with you, and to ensure we have up-to-date contact details for all our members.

This initiative was informed by the experience of the pandemic, which underlined the necessity for us to keep in touch with you through reliable digital contact details.

The new membership system is fully compliant with GDPR data protection requirements and allows you to update your contact details directly. You can do it HERE.


In anticipation of a possible ballot on a public service pay deal in the coming months, it’s crucial that we can contact you.

One way to ensure Fórsa can always provide you with the information you need is to provide a personal email address, as many employers block information sent from the union to your work email address. Even those that permit mail from Fórsa could choose to block union communications at any time.

Once we have your personal email address, we will always be able to reach you and ensure that you are fully updated on important developments, including ballots.


Please share this message with colleagues who may not receive the Fórsa news bulletin. To update your details quickly and easily visit the update my details page on the Fórsa website and complete the online form.

You can download a copy of Fórsa’s privacy statement HERE, which sets out how Fórsa is committed to protecting and securing your personal data in accordance with Irish and EU data protection legislation, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU)2016/679) and Irish Data Protection Act 2018.

Visit Fórsa’s Update My Details page for more.