Union seeks clarity on definition of essential work

Fórsa has sought official guidance on what constitutes ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ work after the Government announced that people should not to go to work if they could work from home, or if their attendance at the workplace was not essential.

The union has also sought clarification on the position of staff who depend on public transport after An Taoiseach advised against any “unnecessary” travel.

In the meantime, the union continues to advise members to report for work as normal unless:

  • You have been told not to attend work by your manager or HR department
  • Remote working arrangements have been put in place, and you have been told to work at home by your manager or HR department
  • You have a medical reason for not attending work
  • You are self-isolating on medical or HSE advice.

Fórsa is advising its members to await guidance from their employers. Otherwise they may lose pay if they fail to report for work.

The union has also updated its advice to members as it applies to staff who are pregnant or who have a medical vulnerability.

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