Revised pay scales on

Pay scales for Fórsa members in the civil and public sector have been updated on the union’s website to reflect the final 2% adjustment under the Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA), which comes into effect today (1st October).

The adjustment applies to staff across the civil and public service, ‘section 38’ organisations including voluntary hospitals, and non-commercial State agencies covered by the PSSA. Cuts to fixed allowances are also being reversed this month.

The deal, which was negotiated by Fórsa and other unions in 2017, expires at the end of 2020. Exploratory talks on a successor agreement began last month, and are currently continuing. Led by Fórsa general secretary Kevin Callinan, the exploratory phase will establish whether the two sides believe there is scope to negotiate a new deal.

Over its three-year lifetime, the PSSA brought pay adjustments of more than 7% for over 70% of civil and public servants, with slightly smaller percentage adjustments for the higher-paid.

PSSA and earlier adjustments mean that around 90% of civil and public servants have now had their basic pay rates restored to 2009 levels. But most of their incomes are lower than in 2009 because of other factors, including increased pension contributions.

You can view the revised pay scales on the Fórsa website HERE.

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