Protests against refugees

Image saying refugees welcome, to represent Fórsa members backing a motion of solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers

Fórsa stands in solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers, and has criticised protests designed to intimidate those in direct provision and emergency accommodation.

The union made the statement today (Friday) in response to recent anti-immigrant protests in a number of communities, including Ballymun, Finglas, Drimnagh and East Wall in Dublin.

Fórsa national secretary Richy Carrothers said the union stands in solidarity with asylum seekers, refugees, and the majority of people in those communities where protests and intimidation have taken place:

“These protests have been staged by a small number of people. They’re attempting to stoke fear and hatred in the community.

“Intimidating people in direct provision will do nothing except scare vulnerable people and rip our communities apart.

“The vast majority of people understand this, and don’t subscribe the racist ideology behind those organising the protests.

“Racism has no place in Irish society. The trade union movement stands behind those who have escaped conflict, oppression, climate and economic catastrophe to come to Ireland in search of safety and a better life.

“Fórsa supports policies to end direct provision and make it easier for refugees to access employment. We support their right to be able to live with dignity, in peace, and free of the type of harassment and intimidation we’ve been seen in recent weeks,” he said.

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