Ratification of UN convention welcomed

Fórsa has welcomed the ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights for Persons with Disabilities. The convention was ratified by the Dáil yesterday (Wednesday 7th March 2018).

The UN convention protects equal treatment for all people with disabilities with respect to human rights and fundamental freedoms. The convention was adopted by the UN in 2006. Ireland is the last of the 27 European Union states to ratify the convention.

Fórsa’s head of division for Civil Service, Andy Pike, said:

The convention makes absolutely clear that persons with disabilities are citizens with the right to fully participate in all aspects of society. This is particularly relevant to the employment of people with disabilities. The latest CSO figures show that 6.5% of the Irish workforce identify as having a disability. The real figure is likely to be higher as a result of under-reporting.


Mr Pike added:

Now that the convention has been ratified, we will press the Government to implement the convention in order to maximise the support and representation available to workers with disabilities.

Fórsa is calling on the Government to introduce the following measures:

  • Provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities to enter the workforce
  • Establish new specific employment supports, such as job coaches and mentors, to assist people with disabilities to find jobs and remain in the workforce
  • Ensure that employers abide by their obligations to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities, and their obligation to make reasonable adjustments to the working conditions of an employee with a disability
  • Examine ways to maximise the potential for people with disabilities to be adequately represented in senior posts across the public service.