Pro-mask is pro-worker

Scores of Fórsa members participated in the Irish Congress of Trade Union’s (ICTU) #ProMaskProWorker online campaign on St Patrick’s Day, when social media timelines were flooded with trade union activists and staff sharing photos of themselves wearing a facemask and encouraging others to do the same.

The main message of the action was that following public health advice is the most effective way to protect ourselves and essential workers during the pandemic.

Fórsa president, Michael Smyth participated in the initiative, saying its vital we comply with public health guidelines at this point. “We are so proud of how hard our members have worked throughout the past year. It’s our duty now to protect them and comply with official HSE advice,” he said.

Honorary chairperson of Fórsa’s Dublin South Health and Welfare Branch, Gina Robinson, spoke about her recent experience attending A&E at Our Lady’s hospital in Drogheda.

“From the doctor who took my bloods to the staff managing the hospital car park, everyone was wearing a mask so they could safely care for the people who needed help. These workers also have families at home, so it is up to us to also wear masks and protect them like they protect and care for us,” she said.

You can still participate in this initiative by posting a picture of yourself online wearing a mask and using the hashtag #ProMaskProWorker

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