Pregnant staff to be protected

The HSE has conceded that pregnant health workers should not be rostered to Covid-specific units or wards, and should instead be redeployed to lower-risk duties.

In new guidance published this week it says pregnant health staff should “should be allocated to patients, and duties, that have reduced exposure to patients with, or suspected to have, Covid-19 infection.”

Although the HSE’s guidance has changed a number of times during the crisis, Fórsa has consistently advised pregnant workers with concerns to get medical advice before attending work.

The new HSE guidance also lists a range of serious medical conditions and advises ‘vulnerable health care workers’ who have them not to go to work.

But it says workers with other medically managed pre-existing diseases “are unlikely to be at greater risk of acquiring Covid-19 virus infection” if they wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

“These can continue to work unless there is a specific recommendation from their treating specialist,” it says.

Read the new HSE guidance HERE.

Read Fórsa’s advice to workers in higher-risk environments HERE.