Local government members: Update your details

Local Government escalation of industrial action paused. Staff outside the LGMA holding posters of love hearts, with the words job evaluation and love local government.

We’re asking members in the Local Government division to update their contact details ahead of a potential ballot next month (March 2023).

If you work in Local Government, look out for an email from us. It will include your membership number and a link to update your details.

When you’re done, tell all your co-workers to do the same. And if they’re not in the Union, get them to join.

Why are we balloting?

10,000 council jobs were lost during the last financial crisis.

Many essential local services were only maintained because council workers like you went above and beyond what was required of your grade.

Over-worked and under-paid

We believe thousands of Fórsa members are being over-worked and under-paid.

We have demanded that the LGMA (Local Government Management Agency) agrees to a process to measure how traditional roles have changed. You should be paid properly for the work you do.

The LGMA is refusing to negotiate and conciliate with us anymore. We are now left with no choice but to ballot our members about what to do next. To that end, we are finalising a ballot finalising timeline.

You need to have your voice in this major dispute about your pay. To make sure this happens, we need up-to-date contact details to stay in touch.

There’s never been a better time to join a union, and it’s never been easier. Join Fórsa today.