Health & Welfare: Update your details

icons to represent the call for health & welfare to update your details

We’re asking members in Health & Welfare to update your details ahead of potential ballots during the summer.

Sometime between the 6th and 8th of June (Tuesday and Thursday), emails will be sent to members of health and welfare on how to update your details.

The email will be from with a link to a website.

This is to prepare for potential ballots about industrial action. Members will be asked to update their membership details and make sure their contact details are correct.

The email will contain a link to our specially designed “Update My Details” website. When members follow that link, they’ll need a unique code to update their membership details.

Why are we balloting?

We’ll be sending all members with critically important information about why we’re going to ballot on industrial action in the coming days, so watch out for updates by emails, the website, and social media.

Please keep an eye out for the email between Tuesday and Thursday, and make sure to check in with your colleagues about preparing for the ballots, so they vote too.

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