Fórsa’s statement on Gaza and Israel

picture of kids, representing Fórsa's statement on Gaza and Israel

Fórsa joins with the Irish and international trade union movement in condemning in the strongest possible terms the appalling violence against civilians in Israel and Gaza. We send our condolences to all those who mourn the loss of loved ones, including the family of Kim Damti, and call for immediate safe release of those who have been taken hostage.

We also condemn instances of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia that have occurred since the violence unfolded.

We support the calls by the Irish government for restraint and for Israel to avoid targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza. The denial of access to water, electricity, medication and food is completely unacceptable.

The killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas and the collective punishment of the people of Gaza by the Israeli government will do nothing to end the occupation and bring about peace. We urge Hamas and the Israeli government to respect international law.

The international community must ensure that human rights are protected and, once and for all, commit to work to end the cycle of violence.

The need for peace, a viable two-state solution and the implementation of United Nations resolutions has never been greater.

Kevin Callinan,

General Secretary