New Fórsa AGM Toolkit

posters from the Fórsa AGM toolkit

As Annual General Meeting (AGM) season ramps up, we’ve created a handy Fórsa AGM toolkit to support branches in getting the word out and mobilising participation.

What’s in the Fórsa AGM toolkit?

This set of posters are designed to be printed locally, with space left for you to write in the exact details of each meeting. There’s even a handy QR code to encourage easy sign ups. You can download them here.

Membership Benefits Leaflet
We also have a new membership benefits leaflet which branches can print locally. It outlines all the advantages of joining Fórsa, and can serve as both a recruitment tool, and a reminder for current members. The leaflet has been emailed to branch secretaries and is available to download here.

Guide on how to run an online AGM
In response to requests received from branches we have also produced a downloadable PDF on running online AGMs. This resource delves into key strategies and best practices for running successful online meetings. The guide also provides practical tips for managing participant engagement, handling technical glitches, and fostering productive proceedings.

Preparing For Fórsa Conference
Finally, this guide will help you prepare for conference at your AGM by including guidelines for drafting motions, and templates for your AGM documents.

Calendar of workshops
It’s also a time of year when newer members might aspire to more active roles within the union structure. With that in mind, our director of membership training Fiona Dunne has a packed calendar of participatory workshops fostered to suit individuals at all stages of engagement with the union.  The programme kicks off from the first week of February, so please contact your branch executive committee for full details.

The full toolkit is available here for download.

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