FAQs – Tusla Job Evaluation Scheme Dispute

Looking for answers on the Tusla Job Evaluation Scheme Dispute? See below for the FAQs.

If you have more questions, then reach out to your Fórsa workplace representative or your local branch. When the ballot is open, a helpdesk will be open. Contact them by email at tuslaballot2023@forsa.ie.

The ballot will commence on Wednesday 30th August 2023 and close at 12 noon on 29th September 2023.

All paid up Fórsa union members employed by Tusla in Clerical Administration and analogous grades three, four, five and six (III, IV, V & VI).

The scope of the job evaluation scheme only applies to Clerical Administrative and analogous grades three, four, five and six. We have confined the ballot to those members who are most immediately affected by the job evaluation issue. However, we may consider balloting the wider membership in Tusla if we deem it necessary at a later date.

The ballot will be conducted by electronic means directly to the email address you have registered with Fórsa.

The ballot will be conducted on behalf of Fórsa through “Mi Voice”. When the ballot is launched you will receive communication with a link to the Mi Voice platform, asking you to click on a link to access your ballot paper.

This may be due to one or a combination of a number of factors, such as:

Such as:

  • Firewalls - Sometimes communications from the Union are blocked by the firewall of employer’s host server. This may be the case for you. You should check with your IT Department.
  • Spam - Other times the email gets through the firewall but gets sent directly to your “Spam” box. Please check your spam box.
  • Old email address - You may not have updated your email address on our database, so your ballot paper may have been sent to an old email address.
  • Union subscription needs renewing - If you’ve changed or moved jobs recently ,you may not have updated the union or your salaries department and your union membership may have lapsed. Please make sure your membership subscription is up to date.

If you have checked all this and still haven’t received a ballot paper, please contact our ballot help desk using the following email address, tuslaballot2023@forsa.ie. Please make sure you include your contact information, phone number and correct email address so that we can contact you back. We will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours.

If any of your colleagues are not receiving any of these communications from Fórsa, please share this information with them and advise them to contact the Union directly tuslaballot2023@forsa.ie where we will deal with the query directly.