HSCPs: Meetings on the Career Pathway Review

The Career Pathway Review Industrial Dispute, and the difference that union membership will make

We understand that it can be challenging to navigate complex scenarios like the Career Pathway Review Industrial Dispute. To make this process more accessible, we have organised a series of informative online sessions on what the career pathway review dispute is, and to show why union membership and being part of #TeamHSCP is so critically important for you and your career.

About the Sessions

These short, insightful, 30-minute sessions are scheduled to take place via Microsoft Teams on Tuesday, 30th May at the following times:

• 9.30am
• 11am
• 1pm
• 4.30pm

Registration Details

To join these sessions, please register through the following link: Registration Form
We will use your contact details for the purpose of these meetings only. There will be no further correspondence unless you decide to join the union.

What’s Next?

National Secretary Linda Kelly, who is the lead for Fórsa on HSCPs, and the career pathway review industrial dispute meetings.

Following these online sessions, we are planning a series of in-depth information meetings around the country in June. However, please note that these meetings will only be open to Fórsa members in benefit. These will be for all HSCP Union members impacted by the ballot: Dietitians, Orthoptists, OTs, SLTs, Podiatrists, Physios, Social Workers, and Social Care Workers.

There’s never been a better time to join a union, and it’s never been easier. Join Fórsa today.