Ballots – why you need to join Fórsa today

There’s a ballot coming up, or just started. Here’s why you need to join Fórsa today:
  • If you aren’t a union member, you can’t vote in the ballots. That means you won’t have a say in what happens with your job, your career, and any industrial action that might happen. Others will decide for you.
  • It’s not right to leave it all up to your colleagues. They’re fighting hard for your rights, so show your support and join them. Trade unions work on the principle of solidarity, so they need you to step up.
  • The more of you in the union, the more powerful you are. Your employers rely on you for the high-quality services that you provide. If enough of you come together, they HAVE to listen.

You’ll never know how much you need a union, until you need a union…Don’t wait to join until it’s too late

Members of a trade union at a rally, representing ballots - why you need to join Fórsa trade union.

There are so many benefits beyond this ballot as well:
  • You can save money with everything from salary protection, insurance schemes, financial supports, and discounts. You could also potentially save thousands in legal fees if you ever need representation in a dispute.
  • We fight every day for better pay and benefits, working conditions, and employment rights. The more of you in the union, the more we can win!
  • We know when there are issues at work, it can feel isolating, overwhelming, and hard to figure out what to do. That’s where we come in. We have workplace representatives, local branches, and highly skilled industrial relations professionals, who are all on your side. But we can only support you with issues that arise from when you’ve joined, not before. So don’t wait to Join until it’s too late!

Join a movement of people just like you.

Join Fórsa – a trade union that wins!