4 Day Week research underway

A new research project is underway to assess the financial impact of the introduction of a four day working week on businesses.

The project, which will be carried out in partnership by Four Day Week Ireland, University College Dublin, and Boston College, will also look at the social and environmental effect of a move to a four day week.

The four day week campaign has long advocated for the gradual transition to a shorter working week for all workers, with increased productivity, better employee wellbeing and a reduction in carbon emissions cited as benefits.

Although there have been a number of four day week trials in organisations across the globe, this new project will mark the first large scale research into a shorter working week, replicated across companies of different sizes, in various sectors, across a number of countries.

Fórsa’s director of campaigning and chair of Four Day Week Ireland Joe O’Connor told Newstalk last week that here is a growing body of company and academic research that suggests positive outcomes for both workers and employers.

“There is increasing international interest in a four day week, with the concept introduced on a trial or part time basis across a number of companies,” said Joe.

“This is an exciting opportunity for both businesses and government to run a large scale co-ordinated trial of the four day working week, to see what the economic, social and ecological impacts of the four day week on businesses really are,” he said.

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